Simple Guide to Golf Cart Maintenance

125_1231-thumbHaving a golf cart is perfect for driving around in a convenient way. Other than that, owning a golf cart is cool and fun. But sometimes the fun stops because the golf cart would suffer a break down. This problem can be avoided with regular golf cart maintenance.  A golf cart is like any other vehicle. Therefore, a golf cart owner should know about the basics of taking care of a golf cart. More than that, a golf cart owner should know about how to check if the automobile needs to be taken care of by an expert.


First and foremost, a golf cart owner has to know how to operate the batteries. More often than not, batteries are the sources of golf cart issues. Dirt and grime build-up in your cart can lead to poor performance, and, if more severe, can lead to the death of the battery. It is necessary to follow the instructions that the manufacturer provides to the letter. Any person who fails to read the pertinent guidelines that the battery dealer provides is essentially preparing to have their battery fail on the golf course. Always make sure to check your cables and hookups. Inspecting your power lines for breaks and fraying will keep your cart safe from potential fire hazards.


Another important tip is to make sure that your cart is immaculate. In other words, keep your cart as clean as the driven snow. A quick cart wash every now and then, and a simple checking of the undercarriage can mean adding many years to your cart’s life and optimal functioning. The muddy grounds and fairways can be harsh on a cart, and you need to make sure that the undercarriage, the wheels and tires are all kept spotless.

9-400x225-300x168Keeping the cart clean on the inside and out and regularly checking the motor and batteries can make sure that you won’t need to make an expensive overhaul of your cart anytime soon. Proper golf cart maintenance means a happy cart, and a happy cart means a smooth and gentle ride up and down the fairways for years to come.