Quick Tips for Golf Cart Repair – Gas And Electric

Golf carts are used in golf courses to travel around. It’s a fact that golf carts are not only used at golf courses anymore but are also used in properties or in homes. They are fun, convenient and affordable when it comes to a power-vehicle to drive around with. However, like every other automobile, golf carts are also susceptible for damages and break downs. There’s no need to worry. Some common problems that a golf cart owner would encounter can be fixed easily.

Most likely, a golf cart owner would encounter problems about starting the cart. This can be accounted to the batteries of the golf cart. The batteries start the golf cart. They are recharged once they get depleted. Think about it like a cell phone battery. After a while, the battery may fail, and this will need some golf cart repair services. But before taking it to a repair shop, it is best to check it first.

Make sure that the batteries are connected and clean. The plates inside the battery case should be covered with water but not overfilled. It is advised to put in distilled water when refilling the water inside the battery. If the battery has just been connected to a charger, use a tester to check the water for safety.


A golf cart battery contains acid. Therefore, a golf cart owner should check the case of the battery in case there are any leakages. If there are any suspected breaks or cracks on the battery, it is strongly advised that you seek a golf cart repairexpert. Acid can inflict damage to other parts of the golf cart, and they might need some intensive repair. Sometimes, the tires can be the problem for golf carts. Air-filled tires are susceptible for damages. It is highly recommended having air-filled tires checked regularly.

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